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It’s bed time and you’re still awake, watching TV or scrolling through your social media feeds? It has happened to all of us, don’t feel bad. However, perhaps it’s time to make your bedroom help you to sleep – faster, better and easier. After all, it’s your little private, cosy and intimate space – it may not have a huge, round bed like those we see in the movies, a super closet to keep thousands of pairs of shoes or a view to the beach, but it’s still your secret, relaxing space. And it certainly deserves to be well treated and bettered, always to your taste.


The first step is always the hardest to take, so we’ve created this article with 5 tips to help you realise the key points to have an awesome night’s sleep. Ready to drop?


Keep it Simple

There’s no way a messy bedroom will help you to sleep. Try to keep your room clean and tidy, make sure no strong smells get their way inside of it. Simple steps like closing the kitchen door and never eating in the bedroom may help you to sleep better. Remember: this is your private spot, the cosiest one in the whole house. Keep it that way!


2. Use Relaxing Colours

Those red curtains you actually loved to see in the store may not be the best option to have in your bedroom. Paint your bedroom walls with relaxing colours such as white, lavender and beige. Which ones do you prefer? Decorate it to your taste, leveraging on these colours that calm you down and always make sure you feel a connection with them. And keep all the bright colours away from this room – they’ll probably look wonderful in your living room or even bathroom!


3. Sleep in the Dark Side

Light messes with the receptors in our eyes and our perception of whether it’s day or night. Fun fact: even light hitting other parts of your body – e.g. your knees – can affect your internal body clock.

That is to say, your smartphone and your laptop don’t belong in your bedroom. Say goodnight to your Instagram feed before going to bed. Why not reading a book instead? With a not-too-strong light. Also, make sure your curtains and blinds keep your room away from the 6 am Sun.

If you want to wake up in a more natural way, try ordering this alarm clock.


4. Remember your Bedroom’s Main Purpose is… sleep and to have sex. Not necessarily in that order. And that’s it. Try not to sit in bed doing some extra work or watching that new episode of your favourite show. Why not try to shift all the exciting, fun and even the unpleasant activities to your living room? That means no complicated decisions should be discussed in the bedroom and that fun, new game you just bought to play with your kids should not be played in your cosiest space. Do everything you can in order to associate your bedroom with relaxation.



5. Sleep With the Right Sheet


 Choose a mattress that suits you. And cover it with the right sheets from Snooze Temple.

Make sure your sheets are made of long-staple cotton fibres, which are smoother and more resistant than the shorter ones.

Sleep with quality sheets and always change them seasonally. Winter sheets are not the same as Summer sheets. Time flies, but try to keep track of your bedding and toss it in the laundry at least every couple of weeks.

Since there’s nothing better than a new set of sheets, give yourself new ones every year or two. If you’re on a budget, buy more pillowcases or change the ones you have more often!


Hope these tips help you to sleep better tonight. Also remember to practice yoga and meditation before sleeping, thinking twice before keeping plants in your bedroom and cutting caffeine after 2 pm. Since we’ve approached the drinks’ subject… a glass of wine may seem like a great idea to relax, but it’s better to drink it way before bed (after 10 pm only on Fridays and Saturdays, ok?)



  • May 25, 2017
  • Tristan Broughton